Edinburgh Fringe Festival Highlights 2014

By day, I am but a humble sextuple threat, but by night I am a comedian/soprano/dancer/beatbo­xer/piano playing/MC/David Attenborough-style-documentary­-type extraordinaire. Join me and my camera as this year, I took my variety night, The Painted Grin, to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. (Whilst also headlining ‘Funny For a Grrrl’ at The Stand in The Garden, having a cameo role in, choreographing Mr Susie’s Last Chance Cabaret (and I played “The Lovely Debbie McGee), and doing lots of spots in and around the festival.

Featuring: Mark Davison, Stephen Bailey, Suzanna Kempner, Dane J. Baptiste, Ruth Less Olsen, Ron Lynch, Drennon Davis, Jody Kamali, Jack Samuel Warner, Paul Dance, Lindsay Sharman, Laurence Owen, David Mills,Adam Larter, Josiah Norris, Luke Capasso, Gabby Best, Mark Restuccia, Matt Francis, Lou Conran, Karen Bayley. Anna Kempner

Big thanks to Nathan Cassidy who supplied some of the footage.

Matthew Floyd Jones for his wonderful version of ‘I’ve got the key’

Also to my housemates, Sooz, Stephen, Laurence and Lindsay for letting me film them all month.

A big thank you to all of the acts that came to do my variety night…

It was bags of fun.


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