A New Year’s Eve Reunion for Man and Wife at Dalston Superstore

When I started this blog, Melody Gardot – Baby I’m a Fool came on, on the Apple TV, so I think you should listen to it as well, it’l create the romantic mood my writing skills aren’t adapt at creating alone.

Here's Clayton and I spitroasting Jesus.
Here’s Clayton and I spitroasting Jesus.

Tomorrow, as we all know and are most likely planning for in some way, is New Years Eve. About 5 years ago I married Clayton Wright, another host on the London Festival and club night scene. It was in an inflatable church at Bestival Festival in the Isle of Wight, the proceedings were ‘officiated’ by a pissed “vicar”, covered in glitter, surrounded by what seemed like hundreds of friends, acquaintances, strangers and people who were sleeping off whatever substances they had consumed that evening, and we had ‘Parachutes’ by Cheryl Cole as the reading, it was one of my lifes most romantic highlights.

Clayton and I on our wedding evening.
Clayton and I, on our wedding evening.

And 5 years later, Clayton and I are still married, seeing other people, living in separate houses, didn’t speak for 7 months, and generally experiencing the best marriage any girl and her best friend could hope for. I’ve lost the cable tie ring we received (I think I threw it at his head when we lived together in the second year, as I was leaving to move into another house.)

Now listen to this:

Tomorrow Clayton and I are reunited on stage after a some time apart,  hosting Clayton’s popular club night ‘Little Gay Brother’ at the Dalston Superstore, and he’s asked me to come help.

This years New Years look
This years New Years look

The theme is Studio 54, Studio 54 was a legendary (I hate that word but it fits) ‘members only’ nightclub in New York in the 70’s and early 80’s.  I shall be dressed as Studio 54 regular Divine and Clayton will be looking Studio 54 fresh in some new clobber he has had made. There are dancing boys on the bar, hit 70’s numbers we will be belting out, loads of really good DJ’s and generally it’s going to be a right old load of good entertainment.

So if you don’t have any plans New Years, do come down. Tickets can be purchased here.

If we don’t see you, Happy New Year and bring on 2014, 2013 was kind of lame.

New Year Eve @ Dalston Superstore


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