The Facebook Comedian

I love being an entertainer. Nothing gives me greater joy than to entertain an audience full of random people. I don’t really have any interest entertaining other comedians I am not close with. If they see me on stage and like what I do, it’s a bonus. When I put anything out into the world of social media. I think about whether or not a room full of random people would like it or would I say it on stage to people as to ensure that a 200 strong comment thread doesn’t happen underneath of unemployed people waiting impatiently for their next gig. I see lots of comedians spending a lot of time during the day debating and arguing with each other over things like whether it’s appropriate to joke about the suicide of someone the day after it happens, writing correspondence pieces on websites where only comedians hang out or whether sexual violence is funny or should promoters sexually harass women. I too am guilty of such behaviour. When I first started doing live performance, I’d genuinely felt like i’d achieved something when a TV comedian liked a comment of mine on Facebook, (like in Mean Girls when the “plastics” invited you to sit with them). I felt like i’d worked that day, like somehow that meant that I was progressing in the comedy world.


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