An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.

I’ve dipped my toes into many different ‘circuits’ during my performative experiences and all have their own way of dealing with the negative situations that troupes of performers and their fragile egos, create.

In freestyle disco dancing if you didn’t like someone, you’d have a bitch, move dance schools & avoid them. In contemporary dance, if you don’t like someone you never let them know and let the movement do the talking.

In cabaret & burlesque if you don’t like someone you bitch about them with your nearest and dearest making sure the person in question never knows, keeping a fixed smile on your chops when they are around and carrying on with your work.

In the queer cabaret community it seems that you publicly take a dislike and retaliate with personal achievements (my favourite one).

However on the comedy circuit – the weakest point of a performers personality or physical self is publicly displayed to the rest of the community, until it escalates into ABH, life changing accusations are thrown around, screenshots of Facebook threads are forwarded, the police are called and there’s always the possibility that someone could get a criminal record at the end of it. The amateur, open mic comedy circuit (i.e not TV or the Apollo) seems to be merciless and i’m not sure why.

I myself am guilty of provocative behavior towards morons I have met, which I didn’t adopt on the other circuits and have been (for want of a less pathetic word) ‘victim’ of abuse from other wannabe comedians. It’s a very unpleasant place to find yourself. I learnt a lesson and now (as much as I can) stay out of disputes because of this. I saw a tattoo on someone’s arm recently, and it read:

‘Success is the best revenge.’

I completely agree.Image

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