OSCARS 2013 – Adele & Anne Hathaway / My latest sketch

Ere Jayde Adams fans, you’ll be pleased to know that I have a new video. It’s with fellow comic Lindsay Sharman, who turned to me recently and said:

‘You really look like Adele?’ She hasn’t been the only person who has made the connection – in fact a drug user in the local hospital abused me for it once.

So in order to make lemonade with my lemons, i’ve decided cash in! You are witnessing the beginnings of my Adele tribute act.

Enjoy Jayde Fans – and as always apologies for the spelling and grammar, I was writing abuse about my English language tutor during his lessons – he didn’t much care for me and my mouth.



We sit down with Oscar award winners Adele Adkins and Anne Hathaway.

We find out about Oscar expectations, the dresses, what’s next and celebrity inside gossip. We talk to Adele about her latest James Bond track ‘Skyfall’, baby Angelo and we discuss with Anne how she’s prepared for Les Miserable.

by Jayde Adams & Lindsay Sharman
with additional expertise from Angelo Constantinou

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