Edinburgh Fringe Update:

So here’s a positive only update as My Edinburgh experience throws some difficult passes. Let’s just say i’m so far matching the Edinburgh Fringe audience average which is great. I’m eating as much fish and chips as I like, and that is my favourite meal, I’m having my picture taken a lot. I’m hanging out with my favourite people. Everything is walkable distance and subsequently I’m tightening up my ass muscles and getting lots of exercise, my voice has gone husky and my finale is suffering but I can belt out a unusable but sexy bluesy number. I’m having good, responsive and triple applause audiences at other Free Fringe nights. Tomorrow I’m going to find some tape and start making my outfit made of flyers (think… hat 🎩… that I’ll parade the mile, anyone can join me if they like) there are some trying things happening at the moment but it’s all fine because I now own this (see below), i live with a kitten called Dexter and its a very creative time. Until next time on Jayde’s Edinburgh Adventure.



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