Jayde is at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and she needs your help.

So I’m at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and i’m going to be honest with you, my venue – although a lovely room – is far too big for me at this stage of my career.

It’s a 110 seater over 11 nights – so 1210 seats that I alone have to fill. This year it’s just me performing, which means it’s just me flyering and whilst i’ve been helping Oli and Laurence flyer their show, it also seems not a single person in Edinburgh knows where my venue is, knows what my venue is and even the Ed Fringe map – the one thing that directs people around the festival, points to an entirely different area of the Fringe (and when I went to tell this to someone at my venue yesterday I was told ‘Yes thank you, we’re aware.’) Oli and Laurence have had several audience members turn up late as they couldn’t find the venue. So I have the odds stacked up against me.

I might sound like i’m just moaning – I am –  but also I am fairly confident that I have a great show and it would be a massive shame if no one came to see it.

So If you know anyone at the Fringe or you yourself are there, why not come and see some really topnotch, internationally toured and acclaimed cabaret comedy. I have just been signed by a management group, I very rarely perform to apathetic audiences (in 3 years it’s happened once) I sing opera, dance, beat box, rap, baton twirl, impersonate, make funny sketches and I even mention the Olympics once.

If you want to come click here and help me fill my venue, if not spread the word to everyone you know at the Fringe festival, I have 1210 seats to fill on my own and I need your help. Thank you.

(I’ve  also been trying some other marketing techniques on YouTube to advertise the show.)



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