This happens quite a bit…

Person A: Hey come and perform at our night? Yay!
Person B: Oh that’s great. It’s in Tottenham Court Rd? Quite far but totally worth it.
Person A: Oh you only get 5 minutes by the way
Person B: Really? Well that’s not long, but cool I have a good 5 minutes I’d like to try out
Person A: and you have to bring a friend or you can’t perform.
Person B: Oh ok…well I better hunt and find someone free tonight
Person A: yeah and your friend has to pay £3.00
Person B: Yay I found a friend…Oh ok well she’s broke, so i’ll have to pay it myself I guess.
Person A: Well… apart from you all the other acts are terrible and when you are on stage, me the host, well i’m going to sit on the side of the stage – in full sight, play with my hair, yawn, act like i want to be anywhere else and oh yeah before you get on i’m going to tell the audience a little about your act. Ok?
Person B: Wow Person A, what a honour to come and perform at your gig. Man i’m so lucky to have been asked, I feel very grateful. You’ve done me such a favour by asking me, i’m forever in your debt.

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